British Riding Clubs Area 11

BHS “Dead Slow” Campaign for Drivers

The British Horse Society has recently launched a campaign to try and reduce the number of incidents on the roads involving horses. In the past five years the BHS has received more than 2000 reports of such incidents – tragically these incidents involved the deaths of 36 riders and 181 horses.

The chances of getting changes in legislation are so small that we need to campaign for something more achievable . BHS are focussing their efforts on campaigning for behavioural and attitudinal change in drivers and in getting changes made to the Highway Code. They are in dialogue with the Minister for Road Safety and have written confirmation from the DVSA that they want to work with the BHS on the driving test. The main thing they are asking for is that drivers pass horses at least a car’s width away and at a maximum speed of 15mph.

Please promote this to all your friends especially the non-horsey ones.