British Riding Clubs Area 11



Area Training Coordinator wanted

We are looking for a volunteer to liaise with clubs in our Area to develop ideas and promote training across the Area, possibly arranging an Area-wide training session. On average this probably only requires a few hours every couple of months although the role could be as big or small as you want! Training organised on an Area basis is not meant to replace what individual clubs do, rather to provide an additional benefit to riding club members within Surrey. Any expenses incurred will be reimbursed. To find out more please contact either Penny Jann or Pauline Brown (contact details on the committee page of this website).

Grass Roots Training Grant for Area 11 Clubs

We agreed grant allocations to a number of our clubs at our Area meeting on 25th March. Please note that a report of the training (how the grant was used, date(s) of training, numbers attending) must be sent to Cathy following the training. Cathy will then arrange for the agreed amount to be sent to each club.

Some of the grass roots training that clubs have run in the past:

  • ‘Have-a-go’ training day: aims to encourage those who don’t normally come to regular instruction and/or to encourage members to try something new, while keeping cost down. Sessions included riding a test (walk and trot or prelim), pole jumping for novice riders and/or young/new horses, preparation for a show including how to ride an individual show and how to ride a jumping round. Advice given on correct tack and clothing and what sort of condition horse should be in for the relevant discipline. (ERC)
  • Pole work clinic: designed for novice riders and/or horses to help maintain rhythm and focus, to help develop better balance and confidence to ride the shapes found in a dressage test or the line to take in a show jumping round. (NCRC)
  • Side-saddle ‘have-a-go’: aimed at giving an opportunity for riders to have an introduction to triding side-saddle on their own horse in a safe environment. (T&RRC)
  • Bomb proof your horse: lecture/demonstration by Metropolitan Mounted Division. (WVRC)
  • Effective lungeing and long-lining demonstration to show what can be achieved from the ground, be it remedial after injury or as part of your horse’s general fitness programme. (WVRC)

Not all our training has to be grass roots – other ideas for subsidized training that is Area-wide or for an individual Club (or perhaps a group of clubs) are also welcome.

Some other examples from the BRC HQ website of other training:

  • Trailer towing tests
  • Confidence building clinic/NLP – sports psychology for the rider
  • Riding Test and Style Jumping Demo evening
  • Team building day for members or volunteers
  • Equine behaviour/psychology talk or demo
  • Yoga on horseback – improving rider fitness and balance
  • Bitting clinic