British Riding Clubs Area 11

Results 2020-21 & 2022

Points are awarded to clubs placed in team events throughout the year.
The club with the highest number of points is awarded the Foss Trophy and there is a runner-up trophy for the next highest placed club. 

Novice Winter SJ Qualifier Results 06.02.22

Dressage Team Friendly 09.01.22

Novice Winter Dressage Q senior results 04.12.21

Novice Winter Dressage Q junior results 04.12.21

National Novice Winter Intro Dressage Qualifier Results 13.11.21

AE AREA 6&11 results

Dressage Team Friendly 29.08.21

LSE Combined Training Qualifier 31.07.21

LSE Show Jumping Qualifier 31.07.21

National Show Jumping Qualifiers results 18.07.21 amended 26.07.21

National Style Jumping Qs 2021 results

2021 National Dressage & Riding Test Qualifiers & L&SE Dressage Qualifiers Individuals 10.07.21

2021 Dressage & Riding Test Qualifiers TEAMS results 10.07.21

A11 National Horse Trials Qualifier 06.06.21 Results final amended 14.06.21

A11 L&SE Horse Trials Q results 06.06.21 

Arena Eventing Qualifier 11.04.21 Results

virtual senior winter dressage qualifier results 2021

virtual junior winter qualifier results 2021

Senior Combined Training Qualifier individual results 19.12.2020

Senior Combined Training Qualifier team results 19.12.2020

Junior Combined Training Qualifier results 19.12.2020

National Winter Intro Dressage qualifiers 06.12.2020

Top Spec National DTM qualifiers 06.09.20

LSE DTM Qualifiers 06.09.20

Winter National Indoor Intermediate Show Jumping Qualifier 07.03.20

Winter National Novice Indoor SJ Qualifier – 22 February 2020

Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifier – 8 February 2020